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Monday, October 30, 2006

How to find the site

Site address is (Note that the service is blogger, but the address is blogspot).

When you log in to blogger, the m2oll blog will be listed in the dashboard. Click on it to view it.

If you are using Internet Explorer, you could add a link to your favourites or drag a link to your toolbar. In Windows, you could create a shortcut on your desktop. Murdoch staff will have a link from the sidebar of the internal communications blog.

How to search

There are two ways to search.

1. "Search this blog" box

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Use the back arrow to get back to the main blog.

2. Search box on right sidebar

The search box in the sidebar lets you do simple searches on the full contents of each post.

The results will display in a window from technorati, which looks like this.

If blogger is unreachable, you can go to our page on technorati and see recent posts.

To view a post, click on the title and it will take you back to the post at this blog. If you do not find what you want, click on the link in the green box, or use the "back" arrows of your browser to return to the blog

Technorati is a site that indexes blogs. It is a good site to find interesting blogs and understand how they interconnect.

How to comment

Use comments to continue a discussion. Only create new posts for new topics.

To read comments, click on the "1(or 0 or 15) comments" link.

To post a comment:
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  • 2. Enter your comment in the "Leave your comments" box
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    • 3.1 If you are logged in to blogger, your blogger ID will show as an option. Select this.
    • 3. 2 If you are not logged in to blogger, you will see a box to enter your blogger ID and password. Enter this.
  • 4. Enter the wavy letters into the "word verification" box. In theimage above, this is "mxkqr". This lets blogger know you are a real person, not a spambot.
  • 5. Select preview to double check your message.
  • 6. When you are ready, select "login and publish".
Comment on this post to experiment if you'd like.

How to login

You need to log in to make new posts or edit existing ones.

1. Go to

2. Select "Sign in to blogger" in the top right hand corner of the screen

3. Enter your name and password.
4. Tick the "Remember me" box so that next time you open blogger in your browser you are automatically logged in. Do not choose this if it is a shared PC.

How to join

Joining allows you to make posts on the blog.

If you are part of the Online Librarian project, you will be sent an invitation to
1) sign up to blogger
2) join the m2oll blog.

Follow the instructions in the email.
Do not select the blue "name your blog" button. This creates a personal blog for you to use. You can do this later if you want.

If you do not receive an invitation by 14 November 2006 and think you should have, please ask your Online Librarian contact for one.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Helen's Introduction

Hi, I am the Library Web Coordinator at Murdoch and have been helping Jean get OLL set up.
The feedback I have had from students using OLL so far has been really positive. They seem to like the immediacy of the response they get to their questions.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Individual IM reference at Carleton College

Thought people would be interested in this post on the Pegasus Librarian blog. Iris blogs about how they use individual IM accounts to answer reference enquiries at her library. She concludes that even though there is not a high uptake, it is worth doing.

Walt Crawford's comment on the post is interesting:

Given that IM reference doesn't seem to get used much (2% of all reference transactions seems to be the reported level),is it worth doing? Under the circumstances you state--it didn't replace anything else, you're comfortable with it, the PC would be on anyway, and even rare usage might be new usage--I think the answer's clearly "Yes."

Carolyn's Intro

So here is my intro post, as requested by Kathryn.

I am the IT coordinator at Murdoch, which means I do bits of lots of things, including managing our Library system, Millennium. One of my primary roles is to manage the relationship between IT Services and Library, which I think means I am a translator from IT speak to Library speak, and vice versa.

Hi - well I've got this far following Kathryn's instructions. Thanks Kathryn for getting our OLL blog up and running. it will be good to have a way to communicate about all the issues that come up with our new Online Librarian service. Hope all Online Librarians at Murdoch and Macquarie join the blog and contact Kathryn so they can post to OLL blog. More from me soon!

Kathryn's introduction.

In the how to post instructions, I'm asking people to make an introductory post just to get the hang of how to do it, so I thought I'd do mine.

I work at Murdoch a couple of days a week as a reference librarian, Philosophy subject librarian and looking at social software/new web tools - blogs, wikis, RSS etc.

I still get a thrill at being able to answer OLL enquiries via chat. I enjoy interacting in real time and really like being able to post URLs into the chat box. It's much easier than trying to explain screens via telephone, and you can pinpoint the question and get feedback in a way that you can't with email.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How to subscribe

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Bloglines is a useful feed aggregator. Here are links to some screencasts showing you how to:
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The screencasts start as soon as they are loaded and have sound, so ensure you have headphones. You'll need to use broadband and they will take a while to load from off campus.

Murdoch staff who choose to use RSSPopper with their Outlook inbox will find RSSPopper instructions here.

How to post to this blog.

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You can get to the blogger dashboard by clicking on the "B blogger" icon on the left hand top of the blog. If you are not logged in, it will take you to the login screen.

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More help on blogger posting is here.

Test posting

This blog is designed as a communication tool about the Online Librarian service offered by Murdoch and Macquarie Universities.