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Monday, October 30, 2006

How to comment

Use comments to continue a discussion. Only create new posts for new topics.

To read comments, click on the "1(or 0 or 15) comments" link.

To post a comment:
  • 1. Click on the "1(or 0 or 15) comments" link.
  • 2. Enter your comment in the "Leave your comments" box
  • 3. Choose your identity.
    • 3.1 If you are logged in to blogger, your blogger ID will show as an option. Select this.
    • 3. 2 If you are not logged in to blogger, you will see a box to enter your blogger ID and password. Enter this.
  • 4. Enter the wavy letters into the "word verification" box. In theimage above, this is "mxkqr". This lets blogger know you are a real person, not a spambot.
  • 5. Select preview to double check your message.
  • 6. When you are ready, select "login and publish".
Comment on this post to experiment if you'd like.


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