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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Improvements to Online LIbrarian 1 November

MAMS staff have created some improvements for Online Librarian.
System generated statistics are available through a feed. The report includes: user; operator; operator’s campus; user’s campus; start time; end time; and number of messages exchanged.

  • These statistics provide a record of activity, including any conversations that have been initiated for testing. From tomorrow we will be able to add notes to the statistics table to indicate where we have initiated a chat session for testing. To do so when you use the “bye” command please add “Testing” – ‘!bye Testing’. This will then show on the statistics table as a test.

Other improvements

  • Timeouts -a conversation is closed automatically after non activity for 15 minutes. When this happens the operator will be notified; also a note will be included automatically in the statistics report for conversations that are closed due to a timeout
  • Conversations that have ended
    If messages are sent to a conversation that no longer exists it will get an automatic reply rather than nothing (as currently happens)
  • OLL server restarts
    If the system is restarted during the day a reminder message for operators to log back in will be sent
  • Display of user names
    Murdoch users will now have their first name displayed in the initial chat screen

Our developers are still working on other enhancements including routing calls onto another operator if they are not responded to in 3 minutes. Ideally we set our status to ‘away’ however it’s very easy to forget and currently callers are left hanging.
If you experience any problems, especially a call just disappearing please let either Helen or Jean M know (Murdoch) and Annmaree or Margaret W(MQ) so we can relay the problem onto MAMS.

Thanks everyone for your efforts so far, they are much appreciated.


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